Resumes and Cover Letters


Your resume - the importance of presentation!

Remember the last time you walked into a fancy restaurant? I know not many of us in the science field have the funds to frequent those places, but try to think about the main differences between an average establishment and a 5-star restaurant. The quality of food should of course be first, or so yo...


Don’t settle for unhappy!

One thing I have discovered over the last few years is that no matter what career you choose, it is not always fun. However, you also shouldn’t dread going to work every day! If you are truly unhappy with your job, don’t get stuck just because you think that is all you can do.


Cover Letters: An Essential Non-essential

Looking for a job in this competitive market can at times be frustrating.  It is difficult to discern what a potential employer is looking for in your application packet and, if you are looking for positions outside the bench, it can be nearly impossible to detail how your previous experience i...

Thomas Patrick

Why overly specific CVs are also bad

My regular readers know how much I preach against generic CV’s,the kind with a vague, cliché ridden objective statement, followed by the laundry list of STUFF designed to appeal to as many hiring authorities as possible. Today, I want to discuss the generic CV’s evil twin, the “Dense, ov...


Great LinkedIn Profiles - The 5 key Items

Your career success is dominated by connectivity, the flexibility and bilateral interaction with people you can reach, and who can reach you. That, in turn, means the number, speed and intensity with which you can communicate. That is power. This is where your use of LinkedIn as a means of connectin...

Thomas Patrick

Do things that are helpful, not this. Part III

Hello Everyone!In our last few installments, we’ve been discussing emails, cover letters, and resumes designed and sent out by those “build and blast” sites you can find all over the internet.

Thomas Patrick

Do things that are helpful, not this. Part II

Hello Everyone!Last time, I talked about receiving a resume and cover letter from one of those “build and blast” websites you find all over the web promising to help job seekers. I gave you my take on those sites, and shared the subject line of the email as the first of many shining examples of ...

Thomas Patrick

Job Fairs – Making the most of them

Hello everyone!Bio Careers® is presenting another Virtual Job search Summit very soon, April 3rd and 4th, 2013.I would urge each of you to attend, and take advantage of the resources available to you. Remember, the thing about job fairs is the limited time you have to get your point across, so...


Another Successful Summit

A big thank you to all of you who participated in our second Virtual Job Summit in early April.  You made it a big success!  Our participating employers were pleased with the quality of the scientists they met.Thanks also to Coach Tom and Lauren Celano, who devoted their time to giving one...


Spring 2012 Virtual Job Summit

For the past two months, Bio Careers members have been gearing up for the Spring 2012 Virtual Job Summit. As one of the most effective and creative resources Bio Careers provides, this biannual event brings together employers in academia, industry and other fields with life science postgraduate jobs...