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Applying for Positions at Academic Institutions (Part 1)

You’re completing your doctorate and planning to apply to an academic institution to continue your research. What steps can you take with your application to improve your chances of being accepted?

Thomas Patrick

From Job Seeker to Job Hunter

Hello Everyone! I’m Tom, and I was recently invited to blog for Bio Careers. I look forward to serving the community by writing on topics pertaining to job search planning, interview preparation, effective follow–up, and much more. I will also offer my take on what I see happening in t...


3 tips for a successful job search for a Ph.D.

We are our own inner architects. As a PhD, it is not hard to understand an equilateral triangle base is the least requirement for a stable frame, and the broader that triangle is, the higher the building could be.  Skill, Interest and Value are the three sides of triangle, which are necessary f...


Pre-planning Your Immigration Case

In this week's blog, let's focus on laying the ground work for an extraordinary-ability or national-interest waiver case filing.  How can you pre-plan and position yourself to maximize your chances for a successful outcome?  Here are some tips: 1. My first request from clients is usu...


Be Sure to Bring All Three (3) of YOU to the Resume and Interview!

Yes, there are at least three of YOU that should be manifest on the resume and expressed during the interview.  We often forget that we as individuals play many different social roles in our lives. We often forget that a potential employer does not hire us, but rather the people working for ...


When is Personal TOO Personal for a Resume?

A few basic rules to remember may help you write your resume (based on my 30 years of experience): 1. We DO NOT want to adopt you.  We do not want to adopt your family, your hobbies, your photos, your art work or your religion.  Most companies are hiring you for three reasons: ...


The next new buzzwords for your resume: “Social Sensitivity”

Journal reference: Science, DOI: 10.1126/science.1193147


The Great Wall of Experience

As a number of the bloggers here have noticed, one of the biggest obstacles that postdocs face in moving into the commercial world is the dreaded “3-5 years of business experience” requirement seen in so many ads.  Many times, it seems as if there are no entry-level positions at all!&nb...


Help Me Help You on the Job Hunt

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be taking on another little “project” at work. This one won’t involve pipettes, chemicals, or the lab bench. Instead, it’ll be me, my reading glasses, a few labmates, and piles of resumes (and CVs). A great co-worker recently left the lab for greener pastu...


When does your resume say you “pipette blood samples” versus “validate disease pathways using cutting-edge technology”?

HINT #1:  All science activity is linked to a scaling of scientific purpose that ranges from a simple lab task to the meaning of science in society.  Think of it as an inverted pyramid!